Our vision is to save broken marriages from divorce and reveal God's Kingdom purpose for marriage to the world.

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Marriage Mentor | Speaker | Entreprenuer

Favorite Food: Seafood 

Favorite Snack: Chocolate covered pecans

Favorite Movie: The NoteBook

Favorite Scripture: Romans 8:28

Coffee or Tea: Tea

You might not know: I love to cook!


Marriage Mentor | Speaker | Entreprenuer

Favorite Food: Seafood pasta

Favorite Snack: Sour Gummy Bears

Favorite Movie: All of X MEN

Favorite Scripture: Matthew 6:33

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

You might not know: I used to be a Gospel rapper. Look up LeTroy on Itunes.




Marriage Mentor | Speaker | Entrepreneur


Marriage Mentor | Speaker | Entrepreneur

I grew up in the inner city of Charleston, SC where drugs, alcohol and porn was a norm for my environment. I saw my step-dad beat my mom with a belt and was very abusive to her over and over again. I had no relationship with my father, I had no accountability, and so I turned to the streets for my purpose and Identity. I thought marriage would at least fix the lustful desires I had for women and porn, but they were still there. I gave my life to Jesus Christ at 19 years old. I had a heart for God and the things of God, but the urges for other women would leave for a while and then they would come back. I grew up thinking watching porn was what men were supposed to do, but after I got married, I found out it was all wrong, and I battled with getting free for over ½ of our marriage.

      We served in our local church as youth pastors for over 10 years, so because I was in leadership, I didn’t know how or who I could talk to for help. Keeping it in the dark only made things worst.  We were led to eventually leave our local church and during this transition, I lost my sense of purpose and identity. I experienced church hurt and I didn’t want anything to do with church or God anymore. I was confused about who I was as a man and I didn’t know what was next for me in life. During this season of confusion is when the 2nd instance of infidelity happened and our marriage was completely destroyed.

      Christina confronted me about what she was feeling and I confessed everything. There was nothing I could do or say to win her back. I had never seen this side of her before, but I believe it was what I needed to see to wake me up.  The more she pushed me away, the more I pursued God and her like never before. My relationship with God was growing stronger than ever and he started to show me (through this situation) how to really love her unconditionally. Through her forgiving me and showing me undeserved love and compassion, my love for her grew deeper and my commitment to God and our marriage grew stronger.

I am originally from Charleston, SC. The feelings of rejection, abandonment, and feeling unwanted and unloved, was painted in my head since I was 5 years old. My mother gave my brothers and I away to foster care and when we were reunited with her, she continued with her drug and alcohol addictions for most of my life.  I met my father for the first time when I was 30 years old, so I never knew what it felt like to have a mother or a father’s love.

      I met my husband when I was 13 years old, and I honestly just wanted someone to want me and to love me back. We started dating when I was 15, got pregnant when I was 16 and got married when I was 17 years old. Two years later, I had a dream one Friday night that my husband had cheated on me. This was weird because I hardly ever dreamed. I told him about the dream the next morning and he came to me that following Monday and confessed that the dream I had was true; he had cheated that same Friday night.  My world began to spin and I was completely heart broken. I thought I had finally found someone who loved me and cared, but this was the moment I was introduced to my true lover. I was home this entire day, crying and asking God, “WHY, why was it so hard for someone to love me?” I then heard a voice within me that was so loud it startled me. It said, “You made your husband into an idol, I am a Jealous God, put no other man before me.” From this moment forward, I began growing my own personal sincere relationship with God. Over time, he healed my heart and began restoring our marriage.