From over 15 years of being Youth Pastors & Outreach Leaders, to Marriage Mentors, Letroy and Christina got married April 28, 2001. They recently renewed their marriage vows for their 20th wedding anniversary on May 1, 2021. They have shared their message of hope and triumph with thousands of people via social media platforms and National Radio. They work side by side each day as a team empowering married couples. They work with them to resolve conflict,  gain a greater understanding about marriage and each other and encouraging and teaching them how to grow spiritually with God and with each other.

They have three children: Letroy(21), Christian (18), and Genesis (15). They are originally from Charleston, SC and now live in the Metro Atlanta area.



Marriage Mentor | Speaker | Entreprenuer

Favorite Food: Seafood 

Favorite Snack: Chocolate covered pecans

Favorite Movie: The NoteBook

Favorite Scripture: Romans 8:28

Coffee or Tea: Tea

You might not know: I love to cook!


Marriage Mentor | Speaker | Entreprenuer

Favorite Food: Seafood pasta

Favorite Snack: Sour Gummy Bears

Favorite Movie: All of X MEN

Favorite Scripture: Matthew 6:33

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

You might not know: I used to be a Gospel rapper. Look up LeTroy on Itunes.