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These online classes are perfect for engaged & married couples who want to strengthen and build their marriage God's way.

Please note, subscription based services bill on a recurring basis at the same time each month from the date you subscribe. You may cancel at any time.


Classes are held via Zoom Video Conferencing each Thursday at 11am, 6pm, or 9pm EDT.  There will be no classes the last Thursday of each month.


Please use the same login information you used to subscribe. Make sure your info is accurate, (user name & password).


  • LIVE Weekly online classes via Zoom Conferencing

  • Online private husband and wife training classes

  • Free admission into all M4R Date Night Events

  • Video marriage tips 

  • Downloadable resources

  • Build a godly community

  • Q&A anonymously through Zoom chat answered immediately

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Far too many couples stand at the altar with NO knowledge about the covenant of marriage. We often hear, "I don't know HOW to be a husband or a wife." The M4R Institute is here to teach the purpose of marriage, help couples strengthen their individual relationship with God, build a Godly marriage community, and learn the skills and tools to become a better husband or wife.  

God never intended for us to do life or marriage alone. Subscribe to The M4R Institute today to gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to have the marriage God always intended.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between the Mentorship program and The M4R Institiute?

We recommend you do both. The M4R Mentorship Program provides direct access to both LeTroy and Christina via recurring bi-weekly Zoom Video meetings, phones calls and text messages. It's a 6-month, or more, curriculum based program. It focuses on teaching biblical and practical knowledge about marriage. M4R personally walks with the couples to help cultivate a strong godly marriage. The cost is $199/Monthly for 6-months. The M4R Institute is an online marriage education platform where you can gain biblical and practical knoweldge about marriage. The classes are held via Zoom Video conferences with hundreds of other couples all over the world. Each subscription provides exclusive access to downloadable resources such as marriage tips, prayers, etc. You also receive exclusive access into all the virtual M4R date nights. Join the private men and women groups to build a Godly marriage community. The cost is $25/Monthly.

How long will The M4R Institute last?

The M4R Institute subscription will last for as long as you want to continue learning about how to have a KINGDOM based marriage. New content will be published, (Live videos, Tip videos, prayers, downloads, etc.), every week for subscribers to use within their marriage.

What happens if I miss a class?

That's easy! You can just watch the recorded class that will be uploaded within the Achived Video page.

How long has Letroy and Christina been married?

Almost 20 years,(4/28/2001) with three children ages 14,17 & 20 years old. They all currently live in the Atlanta area.

Does M4R do any in-person sessions?

Currently, all of our sessions are held via Zoom video conferencing. We have plans on opening a brick and mortar facility in the future.

Do you meet with non-married couples?

Yes, If the couple's intentions are to get married in the future. View our Pre-Marriage Mentorship Program.

Do you meet with gay couples?

No we do not. We believe in God's original intent for marriage, therefore, ALL of M4R teachings are Bible based. We agree with God that marriage is between a man and a woman.